Costantino Peroni tested LMP2 car

VSA_WEC_ALG15_GR8R1755Costantino Peroni drove for the first time in his life an LMP2 car. After two years of Formula 3 testing and races, and a test with the Porsche Carrera Cup, the 18-years old italian driver had the chance drive the Le Mans model car. In the last few days Peroni had the chance to test for Algarve Pro Racing Team, using the Ligier JSP2 powered by Nissan of the Portoguese squad in Motorland, Spain. Step by step, in just few runs, Costantino kept more confidence in the car and on his driving skills.

Costantino Peroni
“Fristable thanks to Algarve Pro Racing Team for this incredible opportunity. I’ve never seen defore both car and track, so was everything new for me. Was first time with 500hp engine behind me that were pushing on track. Coming from Formula 3 the step was unbelievable. Already with Porsche I’ve driven a car with covered wheels, were you can’t see where put the car or brake the tyres. Then there were many other electronic control I haven’t in Formula 3, so I just had to adapt. Looking the few time I spent in the car, I can say I’m pretty satisfied”.