Costantino Peroni to compete in 2019 G1 Series

Costantino Peroni is ready to come back in action. The 22-yers-old driver from Milan, after a long break due to school commitment will be back racing in the G1 Series by Griiip thanks to Not Only Motorsport call for the upcoming season. Costantino started his racing career in 2011 driving kart, then in 2013 and 2014 was at the wheel of Formula 3. 2015 season saw him racing in Formula JK Tyres Championship, winning two races being also the best foreign driver in the Indian competition. G1 Series will be part of the Formula X events, starting from Cremona, in Italy, on March 31st.

Costantino Peroni
“I’m really excited to be back at the wheel of a racing car for 2019. I came back in action in Cervesina last winter, at the wheel of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR by Romeo Ferraris thanks also to Triple A Management support. They also put me in contact with Not Only Motorsport, and I’ve been chosen by Simona Del Plavinano for this adventure. I found in the technical staff Luca Giovannelli, which was my engineer in my previous LMP3 experience. I’m really motivated and optimistic for this new adventure”.