Another difficult week-end for Costantino Peroni at Cervesina

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Double virtual podium for Costantino Peroni in Varano

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Costantino Peroni barely missed podium in G1 Virtual Series 2019

Costantino Peroni took part to his maiden G1 Virtual Series race. After a positive podium in a difficult week-end in Cremona with Not Only Motorsport, the G1 series took part to the Virtual Race in Road Atlanta. An amazing track, helpful for the championship standings, due some point system, added to the regular events. The virtual event had a two 20 minutes session plan, while Peroni manage to get more confident every lap. Qualifying result was a seventh fastest lap time. Both races were funny and eventful, with Costantino able to score two fourth places.

Costantino Peroni
“I’m pretty happy about our first Virtual event of the year. Unfortunately, front drivers were too fast for us, this was my maiden appearance on this kind of event… But I have to say has been fun! Both races saw us getting close to the podium, especially in the second race where I made a mistake. Anyway, I this was a useful experience for next round, in Varano, in the end of the month”.

Emotional podium for Costantino Peroni on his debut in Cremona

Costantino Peroni celebrates his maiden podium on his come back to competition. The Italian driver, racing for Not Only Motorsport in G1 Series, faced a more than difficult week-end begin, as the car got affected by several electronical issues. With zero laps competed on Saturday, also qualifying on Sunday morning saw Costantino struggling, with just three laps completed. The team was able to fix the issues few seconds before the pit-lane closed for race 1, so Peroni had to start from last position. With a strong pace and competitive asset, the Italian driver completed first race in 7th place, same position to start for the second manche of the week-end. With a good approach, Costantino avoid to be hit in a crash in turn 3, and after a long safety-car period, he was able to secure a podium finish, on his first 2019 race week-end.

Costantino Peroni
“Is the first time for in this championship. Can’t find the words to describe how happy I’m to be back in action and to celebrate this with a podium. This day means a lot for me for some personal reasons, and is nice to have at least a trophy to remind it. I want to thank all my family and friends for being by my side in that long racing break before this race. As well all Not Only Motorsport personnel has been unbelievable to work so hard to fix some issue, when everybody would have given it up. On the other hand, looking at this potential, is frustrating thinking on how much potential we lost without running, but I hope during the year many other chances will arrive”.

Costantino Peroni to compete in 2019 G1 Series

Costantino Peroni is ready to come back in action. The 22-yers-old driver from Milan, after a long break due to school commitment will be back racing in the G1 Series by Griiip thanks to Not Only Motorsport call for the upcoming season. Costantino started his racing career in 2011 driving kart, then in 2013 and 2014 was at the wheel of Formula 3. 2015 season saw him racing in Formula JK Tyres Championship, winning two races being also the best foreign driver in the Indian competition. G1 Series will be part of the Formula X events, starting from Cremona, in Italy, on March 31st.

Costantino Peroni
“I’m really excited to be back at the wheel of a racing car for 2019. I came back in action in Cervesina last winter, at the wheel of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR by Romeo Ferraris thanks also to Triple A Management support. They also put me in contact with Not Only Motorsport, and I’ve been chosen by Simona Del Plavinano for this adventure. I found in the technical staff Luca Giovannelli, which was my engineer in my previous LMP3 experience. I’m really motivated and optimistic for this new adventure”.

Michelin Invitation test for Costantino Peroni

Costantino Peroni has been invited to Michelin Wet Test in Le Castellet. The Italian driver, alongside Eurointernational, took the chance in the early March to run in a full-wet day in Paul Ricard. The Ligier JSP3 had the chance to test for the first time new compound and design of Michelin wet tyres, on a shorter track configuration than usual. With artificial irrigation the track was wet, but due a crash in the morning, Costantino and Eurointernational had to abort the day.

Costantino Peroni
“I apologize with the team for my crash. I was pushing on wet track but I lost control in the Mistral Hall. It’s a shame ‘casue we miss the chance to run the full program, but I learn that I don’t to push in any condition. I was improving my timing and driving style and I went in overdrive”.

LMP3 test in Le Castellet for Costantino Peroni

Costantino Peroni completed two testing days in Le Castellet at the end of January. The Italian driver, after a short winter break got back in action with an Eurointernational’s prototype car at the wheel of Ligier JSP3 at Paul Ricard, alongside Giorgio Mondini and Jay Palmer. Costantino made his historical debut on a Le Mans Prototype, and after a shake-down in Estoril had the chance to made a real test, evaluating this car for the 2016 season.

Costatino Peroni
“Thanks to Eurointernatinoal for the great chance. After running CN2 car in Barcelona and Estoril, at Le Castellet I had the opportunity to drive the Ligier LMP3 which is a real beautiful car. It’s really fast, heavy and challenging, but for all this reason really funny. Even if this was my first approach, the result was pretty good, and even I still don’t know what we’ll do this season, I’ld like to have other chance to run this beast”.

Costantino Peroni goes from pole to win in India

Win trophy
Costantino Peroni ended his 2015 season with a sensational result in the final round of the JK Tyre Racing Championship. It was a short adventure for him, as the Milan-based racer only began his season last August, coming back to motorsport in a winning fashion after stopping to pursuit his studies.

Driving a Mygale FB02 sponsored by renowned Indian tire manufacturer JK Tyre, Peroni cruised to his first pole position of the year in the fourth and final round of the series. Lining-up at Buddh International Circuit, the same venue that hosted Formula 1 until 2013, and in front of more than 50.000 spectators, Peroni took a valuable second place in race 1 before cruising to his second victory in the series.

The foundations to his victory were laid at the start, thanks to the pole captured with his personal second fastest laptime. And it was a large victory: Costantino built an healthy margin straight away and quickly took-off to cross the line with 7 seconds on his closest follower. Together with series champion Vishnu Prasad, Peroni was the only driver to complete all the races totalling 2992 kilometers.

Costantino Peroni
“I’m really happy to have scored another really valuable result. Even though I had hoped for it at the start, I don’t think it would have been possible to win a championship that was completely new for me, from the cars to the tires and the tracks. By the way, the crowds here in India are incredible. From the podium today, I felt like we were in front of a full Formula 1 Grand Prix grandstand. I thank Eurointernational, who prepared the cars for JK Tyre, and the promoters, who really made me feel at home. I also want to thank the mechanics that followed me throughout the year, Maurizio and Giuseppe, and Antonio Ferrari, who helped me learn and pushed me when it mattered. A big thank you also goes to my coach driver David Fumanelli, who gave me a great hand, in addition to my sponsors, friends and family. I wouldn’t be here without them”.

Costantino Peroni scores maiden win in New Delhi

Costantino Peroni celebrated a well-deserved maiden win in the third round of the JK Tyre Racing Championship held at Buddh International Circuit. The 19-year-old Italian set the fastest lap of practice and qualified in fourth, also grabbing a front row start on the grid for race 2 which is set with the second fastest marks of qualifying. After experiencing a bad start in race 1, Costantino recovered the ground lost and ended up in seventh place, partly jeopardizing the potential he had showcased that far. His speed skills clearly emerged in race 2 though, as he crossed the line in second, winning a spectacular battle on-track before being demoted due to an alleged jump start. But as he was classified in sixth, that meant he was on the pole for race 3, featuring a reverse grid. At that point, he made a good jump at the start and went on to take a commanding victory.
Costantino Peroni
“I’m absolutely speechless for how this weekend unfolded. I’m excited for having scored a win even though there were a lot of ups and downs. We got only one session of practice on Friday but I quickly found the right confidence with this new circuit. The first race has been a bit of a disaster while in race 2 I was penalized for a jump start that was totally non-existent. I respect the decision taken by the stewards, but I don’t share their view.  Maybe for some kind of karma, having been demoted from second to sixth place meant that I was on the pole for race 3 so I finally had the chance to run away and take the win”.
Next JK JK Tyre Racing Championship will still held at Buddh International Circuit on November 29

Peroni barely misses podium spot at Coimbatore

Costantino Peroni got really close to a podium finish in the second round of the Formula JK Tyre Championship held last weekend at the Coimbatore. At the same venue that had previously hosted preseason testing and the inaugural round of the season, the 19-year-old from Milan went back on-track after the summer break. He drove once again a Mygale FB02, the spec racer of the series, which is promoted by the Indian tire manufacturer.

After scoring the 8th place on the grid, just three tenths of a second away from the chance of starting on the front row, Costantino ended the opening two races in seventh and ninth place. In race 3 he then delivered a bold recovery drive that eventually enabled him to cross the line in fourth.

Costantino Peroni
“Compared to the opening round, the field was much tighter in terms of performance and with just three tenths of a second less I would have been able to start on the front row. Obviously, the same goes for the others though. On the other hand, I’m really happy for how I managed race 3, because starting from the back I really took the best out of every race situation, especially the safety-car that enabled me to gain two positions in as many laps, getting closer and closer to a podium finish”.

The next round for the Formula JK Tyre and Costantino Peroni will be at Buddh International Circuit, the venue formerly used for the F1 Indian Grand Prix.