Costantino Peroni takes debut podium finish in India


Costantino Peroni ended his first race weekend of the 2015 season with a podium finish. The 18-year-old Italian made his debut in the 18th running of the JK Tyre Race Championship at Coimbatore in India with the support of Antonio Ferrari’s Eurointernational, which manages the series. He got the chance to be back on-track 10 months after his last race outing happened in the Euroformula Open at Monza in 2014.

After one day and a half of collective testing that enabled Peroni to regain the confidence with a race car, he drove his Mygale FB02 to the top spot of the second free practice and to second place in the third session. On Saturday morning’s qualifying, despite ending up just 8 tenths of a second from the pole, he had to settle for the 8th place on the grid and replicated the same result with his second fastest mark for race 2.

Costantino captured two seventh place finishes in the opening races before starting race 3 still in 7th by the results of the previous heat. He took advantage from an empty spot on the grid to take 6th by the end of the opening lap before cruising to fourth with two clean moves. The closing laps brought Peroni to the podium when a rival went off-track. Although he got closer and closer to the leading pair, the checkered flag cut his recovery short preventing him from attempting a late attack.

Costantino Peroni
“I would have never expected to be back from my first race here with a trophy. I’m really satisfied because despite it was race 3 with the reverse grid and I was starting seventh due to a tough race 2, I managed to fight back even though I was out of the reverse grid benefit. It’s been an hard-charging race that definitely boosted my morale after an entire year away from the track. I thank Eurointernational for how they assisted me in this occasion and JK Tyre for promoting this event. India is an extraordinary country and a place where motorsport is still made of passion. In a relatively small circuit like the one outside Coimbatore, there were an huge amount of people and many of them followed the races in live streaming and on the social networks. Now I hope to improve my performance for the next races”.

The next round for the JK Tyre Championship will be once again at Coimbatore on the 6th of September.

Costantino Peroni lines-up for 2015 JK Tyre Racing Championship

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Costantino Peroni will be entering the 2015 JK Tyre Racing Championship. After taking a break from racing due to his studies, the 18-year-old driver will be back on-track to continue in the developmental path started in the last few years. After his previous experience in Formula 3 racing, Peroni decided to rebuild his technical and sporting skills starting from India. He will line-up for the series promoted by JK Tyre as the Indian manufacturer will be supporting the third season of the series, using Mygale Formule cars and BMW FB2 engines. Among the previous graduates, Daniil Kvyat, Felipe Nasr and Carlos Sainz eventually managed the step to Formula 1. Costantino has welcomed this new opportunity almost one after his previous outing. He entered his last race in the EuroFormula Open at Monza before testing with a Carrera Cup car and an LMP2 prototype.

The 2015 schedule
August 9 – Coimbatore
September 6 – Coimbatore
October 4 – Greater Noida
Novembre 29 – Greater Noida

Costantino Peroni
“I’m really excited to be back on-track at last. I thank Antonio Ferrari of Eurointernational, who called me for this series. The fact of having personnel coming from a team that won in every type of championship and was also winning in Prototypes and Formula 3 provides me with the guarantee of great technical consistency. I don’t know what my potential will be, and what the level of the competition will look like. My goal is to regain the right confidence with a racecar”.

Costantino Peroni tested LMP2 car

VSA_WEC_ALG15_GR8R1755Costantino Peroni drove for the first time in his life an LMP2 car. After two years of Formula 3 testing and races, and a test with the Porsche Carrera Cup, the 18-years old italian driver had the chance drive the Le Mans model car. In the last few days Peroni had the chance to test for Algarve Pro Racing Team, using the Ligier JSP2 powered by Nissan of the Portoguese squad in Motorland, Spain. Step by step, in just few runs, Costantino kept more confidence in the car and on his driving skills.

Costantino Peroni
“Fristable thanks to Algarve Pro Racing Team for this incredible opportunity. I’ve never seen defore both car and track, so was everything new for me. Was first time with 500hp engine behind me that were pushing on track. Coming from Formula 3 the step was unbelievable. Already with Porsche I’ve driven a car with covered wheels, were you can’t see where put the car or brake the tyres. Then there were many other electronic control I haven’t in Formula 3, so I just had to adapt. Looking the few time I spent in the car, I can say I’m pretty satisfied”.

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